Mosques In China


Chengdu Gulou South Street Mosque
Add: 155 South Street of Gulou, Chengdu, Sichuan
The Gulou Mosque is one of the ancient mosques in Chengdu, the contraction started from Ming dynasty (1375), and was destroyed in later Ming, then rebuilt twice on Qing dynasty, (1742 and 1794), the prayer hall was the only ancient building survived, and also the most classic building, meanwhile, it is the most completed prayer hall among dozens of mosques in Chengdu. In April, 1981, the prayer hall of Gulou Mosque was recognized as the Municipality Protected Historic Site. In March, 1991, Sichuan Government recognized the building as Provincial Cultural Heritage Site.
Dujiangyan Mosque
Add: 49 South Street, Dujiangyan, Chengdu
The world famous Dujiangyan is the crossroad of Northwest China, during the late Ming, many business men traveled and settled in this city, then they funded South Rd Mosque (Later changed to Dujinagyan Mosque), expanded in Qing dynasty. Now has 5 Imams and treasured 30 Qurans. It covers an area of 1445 square meters and with the building area of 1064 square meters. The mansion with its audience hall being timber structure, triple eaves and quadrangle pavilion roof pillars and transverse beam frames are 4 room deep, 21.4 meters long and 9.5 meters long with plain store steps and drooping stomps to be a quadrangle dwelling with the mosque as the center.
Phoenix Mountain Mosque
Fenghuangshan, Dongzikou, Chengdu
The Phoenix Mountain Mosque is a mosque in Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. Phoenix Mountain Mosque is located in the outskirt area 6 kilometers north of Chengdu. The mosque is located between mountains which is shaped like a phoenix, thus the mosque was named as such. The mosque are was originally the cemetery for Hui people which was opened in 1952. Later a mosque was built in the area to offer better services to the Muslim community around the area.
Huangcheng Mosque
No. 80, Yongjin Street, Xicheng District, Chengdu
The Chengdu Huangcheng Mosque is a mosque in Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. It is the largest mosque in Sichuan. Huangcheng means Palace Wall because of the mosque location near to a palace of a dynasty in the local history of Sichuan, thus the mosque was name such. The mosque was originally constructed in the 16th century. It was first rebuilt in 1858. In 1917, it was heavily damaged during a war. Subsequently, the size was reduced from 6,600 m2 to 5,000 m2 due to financial constraint. The mosque stands at its current site since November 1998. The mosque was constructed with the combination of Arabic, Ming, Qing architectural styles. It consists of the entrance wall, gates, bathroom, library and the main prayer hall.[2] The library consists of Islamic books written in Arabic and Chinese languages. On the first gate, there is a tablet with the name of the mosque hung. On the second gate, there is a tablet with four Chinese characters Kai Tian Gu Jiao (the most ancient religion) hung, which was made during the Qing Dynasty
Huangcheng Mosque
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