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Changsha Baishaling Mosque
Add: No. 115, Sanxing Street, Changsha
Changsha Mosque is a mosque located on Mount Huilong in Tianxin District of Changsha, Hunan, China.[1] Changsha Mosque is the site of Changsha Islamic Association. Changsha Mosque was first built by businessmen from both Henan and Shaanxi provinces in 1711 in the Qing dynasty with the name of "Kèsì". In 1918, businessmen from Nanjing added Jingling School to the south of the mosque. In 1938, a fire destroyed most of the buildings. Then the local Muslims rebuilt the mosque. During the Cultural Revolution, the Quran written by ancient Imam were burned by the Red Guards. In 1985, Changsha government had budgeted RMB 0.85 million yuan to built a new mosque on Mount Huilong in Tianxin District near Baisha Well. The mosque was built with Islamic architecture style and covers an area of 3,948-square-metre (0.976-acre) including the 1,400-square-metre (0.35-acre) of constructed area. It consists of prayer hall, pavilion, wing room and other facilities. The prayer hall is a three-story building.
Changsha Baishaling Mosque
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