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Hangzhou Phoenix Mosque
Phoenix Mosque is a mosque in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It is known for being one of the four great mosques of China. It is also one of the earliest mosques built in China. The origin of this mosque dates back to Tang or Song dynasty.

The Phoenix Mosque had been rebuilt several times. It was firstly destroyed around the end of Song dynasty. During the following Yuan dynasty, the mosque was repaired under the financial assistance of Ala al-Din, an Arab clergyman in China. The minaret of the mosque was removed in 1928 due to the construction of adjacent roads. In 1953, it went through a complete maintenance and repair.

The structure of the main building was heavily influenced by traditional Chinese Architecture while also retaining features of Islamic Architecture. The existing prayer hall was built in the year of 1281 during the rule of Kublai Khan. The mosque is currently receiving a considerable number of visitors from abroad.
Hangzhou Phoenix Mosque
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