Mosques In China


Luoyang Xigong Mosque
Address: Xigong district,Luoyang
Luoyang Xigong Mosque is behind the Luoyang department store, the mosque is in Arab architectural style. It cover an area of one acre, the construction area is 1,600 square meters. Currently, the mosque has four floors, 26 rooms in total including wudu area, classrooms, etc.
The first floor covers an area of 330 square meters. The second floor has five rooms and cover an area of 260 square meters. The third and fourth floor each cover an area of 260 square meters.The female prayer hall is near the entrance of the mosque. The male prayer hall is on the west of the mosque.
Luoyang Beiyao Mosque
Address: NO.4,Jin family street,Luoyang
Beiyao Mosque was built in the year of 1915 and the land was donated Ma Pengfei, Ma Juncai, Ban Yuzhen and Ma Chenglin, etc. After PRC was established, the mosque also changed to many other purposes until 1978.
Luoyang Xinjie Mosque
Address: No. 406, Xinjie, Luoyang
Xinjie Mosque was built in Mid-Ming Dynasty, and was destroyed by flood in Qing dynasty, then local Muslims rebuilt it and also expanded the size. Xinjie Mosque is the oldest mosque in Luoyang City and it has over 400 years old history.
Luoyang Xinjie Mosque
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