Mosques In China


Sanya North Mosque
Address: Huihui Village, Sanya
Sanya North Mosque is located at Huihui Village. It was constructed at the beginning of Southern Song Dynasty. Sanya North Mosque was destroyed in 1939 the Japanese army and again during the Culture Revolution (1966-1976). The prayer hall of Sanya North Mosque was built in 1981 and renovated in 1993 which can hold up to 1500 people to pray. Sanya North Mosque has a Madrassah, Huimin night school.
Sanya West Mosque
Address: Huixin Village, Sanya
Sanya West Mosque is located at Huixin Village. The West Mosque was built in 1473 in the Ming Dynasty in traditional Chinese architecture. The beams of the prayer hall are decorated with two exquisite sleeping dragons.
Windows of the West Mosque are decorated with beautiful patterns of flower, grass, birds, fish and shrimps. Sanya West Mosque was destroyed during the Culture Revolution and rebuilt in 1978. The prayer hall of Sanya West Mosque covers a floor space of over 300 square meters which can accommodate over 400 people to pray at the same time.
Sanya South Mosque
Address: Huihui Village, Sanya
The largest and best known is the Sanya South Mosque. Having been renovated several times over the last thousand years, it is a place where Muslims can meet for daily prayers. Its architecture is a mix of classic Arabic and traditional Chinese.
Sanya Ancient Mosque
Address: Huihui Village, Sanya
Sanya Ancient Mosque is the earliest mosque in Sanya which has a history of over 700 years. Sanya Ancient Mosque was once destroyed during the culture revolution (1966-1976) and rebuilt on the original site in 1986 with the donation from local Muslims. Sanya Islamic Association is located at this mosque.
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