Mosques In China


Jinjiayao Mosque
Address: Jinzhong Estate, Jinhai Road, Tianjin
Built in 1574, Jinjiayao is the oldest mosque in Tianjin. Established by a roaming Muslim from Anhui Province, this mosque has been repaired and enlarged on five separate occasions to accommodate the area's steadily increasing Muslim population. The most recent renovation was completed in 2002, the new floor plan spanning a total of 2023 square meters.
Liulin Mosque
Address: Liulin Road, Tianjin
Liulin Mosque is a new mosque which was built in 2005 in order to serve the local Muslim community. The mosque received its name because it is in Liulin Road. The mosque is in Arabic style, outside wall is decorated by mosaic. It covers an area of 2730.94 square meter, and the building covers 975 square meters. It have three halls, the one in the middle is the male prayer hall which could hold more than 200 people pray at the same time. The other two halls covers 75 square meters, one is meeting room and the other one is female prayer hall. The whole mosque also includes other meeting rooms, offices and Imam’s office, Wudu area, etc.
Liulin Mosque
Xiningdao Mosque
Address: No.43 Xiningdao, Tianjin
Xiningdao Mosque is located at 55 Xiningdao Street, Heping district, Tianjin city, China. The mosque was built on May 1, 1991 and operates on March 2, the first day of Ramadan next year. This mosque area has an area of one thousand square meters. The mosque incorporates traditional Chinese and Arab architecture. The prayer hall, located on the second floor of 185 square meters, can accommodate 200 people in prayer.
Meanwhile, the daily prayer room is located on the first floor of 21 square meters and accommodates 20 worshipers together at one time. In 1998 and 1999, the local government allocated RMB 70,000 and 200,000 for repairs to the roof of the prayer room and the azan tower. Subsequently, the local government has provided funds several times to renovate the mosque.
Liangjiazui Mosque
Address: Dafeng Road, Tianjin
Liangjiazui Mosque is situated in Tianjin’s Hongqiao District which is also known as where the local Muslim community is located. Liangjiazui Mosque it next to the famous Hongqiao Mosque.
Sidaogou Mosque
Address: Sidaogou Village Road, Tianjin
Sidaogou Mosque is located further out than downtown Tianjin. This is a simple community mosque, surrounded by white wall. However, still attract many people come to look for inner peace.
Tianjin Great Mosque
Address: Qingzhen Lane, Zhenbu Street, Hongqiao District, Tianjin
As one of the most famous mosques in China, Tianjin Great Mosque has been an important Islamic shrine since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Extending over an area of 5000 square meters, the mosque consists of four main structures, the Screen Wall, the Archway, the Prayer Hall and the Preaching Hall. Of these the Prayer Hall is the most active and respected spot in the complex. Even today, over one thousand Muslims from in and around Tianjin come here to worship each week. While tourists may not enter the building it is possible for them to walk round the courtyard so as to have a close view of the mosque. The Great Mosque lies in the northwest part of the city, Hongqiao District. A visit of half an hour is recommended.
Tianjin Great Mosque
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