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Chongqing Mosque
Add: No. 5, Zhongxing Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing
Chongqing Mosque is located on the Zhongxing Road of Yuzhong District, occupying an area of 4,500 square meters. It was constructed under the supervision of the Shilang (an official title similar to prime minister) Ma Wensheng in Wan-Li the 30th year of Ming Dynasty. Today, Chongqing Mosque is the site of Chongqing Islamic Association. Chongqing Mosque was originally composed of three mosques-the mosque on Zhongxing Road was the western mosque, the Southern mosque was once in the site of today's Chongqing theater while the northern mosque was once in today's Jiangbei District. In1940 during the Anti-fascist War, the southern mosque was blown up in by the Japanese warplanes. In 1942, it was repaired. Later, the southern mosque and the northern mosque were incorporated into the western mosque, thus becoming the unity of Chongqing Mosque. In 1982, the Chongqing Mosque was repaired thoroughly and the buildings inside it were more distinctive and characteristic. And the characters of these buildings have been kept till now. Compared with other Chinese-character buildings nearby, Chongqing Mosque's round roof in the style of Arab can be seen distinctly, with the silvery marks of stars and the moon on the roof, beautiful and elegant. Inside the main hall of Chongqing Mosque stand four pillars, with pink walls and silvery light, in harmonious colors and solemn atmosphere.
Chongqing Mosque
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