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Lanzhou Water Mosque
Address: Jinchengguan Road, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China
The Water Mosque was built in the year of 1952, Lanzhou Water Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Lanzhou, it was previously well-known as Kuluwan Mosque, is situated on the southern bank of Yellow River and is next to White Pagoda Mountain on the north side. Taking a broad view of the mosque from the New Yellow River Bridge, you will find that it looks like an exquisite jade straightly standing in the Yellow River.

The mosque is built in Arabic architectural style with a prayer room covering an area about 488 square meters on the second floor. With the interior walls in faint yellow and olive green, sufficient sunshine inside, you will get a chance to appreciate the solemn and awe-inspiring atmosphere there. Going outside of the mosque, you will be able to admire the amazing oil painting featured with the beauty of oriental. The dome of the prayer hall is furnished with colorful lamp bulbs, which will give you a more glistening evening. The mosque is well-equipped for the local Muslims to pray and other activities.
Qiaomen Mosque
Address: No.275 Zhongshan Road, Qiaomen Building, Lanzhou
Qiaomen Mosque is located in Lanzhou’s Muslim district Qiaomen Alley and is one of Lanzhou’s earliest six mosques located on Zhongshan Road. As early as the Ming Dynasty, there was a small mosque in Qiaomen Alley. During the reign of Qing Emperor, Kangxi. Liu Boyang, a local Muslim, donated 5,333 square meters land to expand the mosque. He worked hard with his son Liu Jizong, along with dedicated local Muslims the mosque was gradually expanded.
Lanzhou Xiguan Mosque
Address: Baiyin Road, Shixia District, Lanzhou
Xiguan Mosque was originally built during the Wanli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. During the Qing Dynasty, the mosque underwent two big reconstructions. The mosque was rebuilt in 1990 into what it is today with the added dome. The style of the mosque follows the Arabic Islamic style, while the prayer hall combines the Chinese classical and Arabic architectural style. The mosque covers an area of 467 m2 with its prayer hall spans over 141 m2.
Lanzhou Xiguan Mosque
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